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About Us

Anybody can copy a driveline part, but what about the hard stuff. What about Mercury Capri, Nissan 300ZX or Mazda Miata? How about the Audi Quattro or Volvo V70? How about a 26/27 spline CV yoke? Solutions to the "hard stuff" is what makes Powertrain Industries unique.

In the early years, our driveline repair shop gave us insight to the needs of the automotive industry. This shop showed us what wasn't available at the corner parts store. Fourty-two years later that same shop helps us find the uncommon items that mechanics across the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe need to repair driveshafts.

Providing "Driveline Solutions" is what we are about. It is what we are good at and what will continue to drive us. It is what our Company was built on and the force behind the name. So if you need a center support for a 1968 Buick or a complete shaft for a BMW Z8 Roadster, let Powertrain provide the solution.