Part Story

Slip Yokes

Part Number 1303-20

  • Spline Count: 20
  • Major Spline Diameter: 1.310
  • Centerline To End: 7.500
  • Ujoint: 1351-20
  • Notes: Does not fit all Toyota OEM 20 spline stubs. Toyota truck.
Part Story

This Toyota series slip yoke is made in the 1351-20 (same as the 5-1510X Spicer) universal joint series. It is very common in Toyota pick up trucks.

****This yoke mates with the 1340-20 stub and will not always fit the OEM stub. Our experience is that it sometimes fits and sometimes does not. Be sure to warn the customer of this. ****

Customer with a Land Cruiser had this exact yoke but with a larger 1351-21 joint. His only option is to either shorten or lengthen the tubing and downsizing to a 1351-20 using a 1303-20 or 1303-20L, or (better) convert entire shaft to 1310.